Hydrotherapy is a medical term defined as the treatment of disease by, or in water. This is especially useful as a rehabilitation solution for canines with hip problems or who are recovering from an injury or operation.

We at the Pet Concierge will bring your dogs for a fun day of swimming and frolicking at the beach. This is an excellent form of exercise as the muscles have to work harder than they would do on land due to the increased resistance to movement.

Swimming encourages a complete range of joint motion, thus promoting tendon repair and improving muscle tone. It also improves cardiovascular stamina -- all these without imposing unwarranted stress on the damaged or weak tissues.

Dogs are natural swimmers and will jump at the chance to spash about in puddles of water if they were given the chance.

Rest assured, plenty of water is provided so as to prevent any case of heatstroke. A trained professional is also by your dog's side at all times, swimming and running with your pet.

The power and duration of exercise can also be regulated by us at the Pet Concierge to acheive the best results with your pet.
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