For most of us living in this metropolitan city, grooming our pets can sometimes be a chore, especially with our hectic work schedules. The Pet Concierge can assist you in keeping your precious pets clean, healthy and neat.

If you're worried about shedding, basic maintenance will considerably reduce the amount of hair you discover around your house.

As well as for hygiene purposes, dogs require routine baths to lessen the risk of skin problems like dandruff.

The Pet Concierge provides basic grooming services which help to demat and unknot their fur. If not groomed regularly, the effects of water will cause the mats and knots to tighten and be extremely painful to undo.

Regular grooming of your pooches will also aid in improving the condition of their coats. It is likewise extremely important to dry your dogs well to avoid breeding bacteria and fungus.

Their nails should also be pedicured frequently as long nails can be uncomfortable for both you and your pets and eventually cause their paws to splay.

At the Pet Concierge, we only use high-grade and quality products to ensure that your pets are given the top-notch treatment they deserve.
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